• 14.06.2022
    Spring news
    Recently, Guillaume had the pleasure of playing in beautiful and faithful places, such as the magnificent castles of La Fresnaye (Loire Layon), and Ferrand (Saint-Emilion), the Belfry of Montrouge and the prestigious Lille Piano(s) Festival which invited him for the 4th time. This summer, a period of residence to work on new projects, and welcome to Brittany for a 4 hands concert !
    The albums Rêves d'Espagne, acclaimed by critics, and Musiques du silence (reissued by Outhere and acclaimed again in Le Monde and L'Obs) continue to shine on the stages and generate new invitations for next season...

    New release !
    Outhere Music France is happy to announce that the entire Eloquentia catalogue is now part of the Outhere family. We do not plan to substantially add new recordings to the treasures of the Eloquentia catalogue but to celebrate this union, September 2021 will see an exceptional new release by the piano duo formed by Guillaume Coppola and Hervé Billaut : Rêves d'Espagne, and on October 22nd, the reissue of Guillaume's album Musiques du silence in a new design!

  • 27.01.2023
    La Rampe - Ponatiere
    La Rampe - Scène conventionnée
    Echirolles (38 - France)
    Avec le chœur Spirito/ Nicole Corti
    Valsez maintenant 

    La Folle Journee de Nantes
    Cité Nantes Events Center,
    Salle CIC Ouest
    Nantes (44 - France)
    avec Hervé Billaut, piano
    Les Parfums de la nuit : Debussy, Ravel

    Concert 4 mains
    La Folle Journee de Nantes
    Concert dans le tramway 
    Tram 1 ou 2 à définir
    à 4 mains avec Hervé Billaut

    J&R Academy Aix
    Conservatoire Darius Milhaud 
    Aix-en-Provence (13 - France)
    Masterclasses du 19 au 24 février
    avec Marie-Josèphe Jude, Billy Eidy, Olivier Gardon

    Concert des professeurs J&R Academy
    Salle Campra
    Conservatoire Darius Milhaud 
    Aix-en-Provence (13 - France)
    Concert des professeurs 

    Voyage d'hiver / Musica formosa
    Aurillac (15 - France)
    Récital de piano
    Granados, Beethoven, Debussy, Falla

    Les Grandes Heures de Saint-Emilion
    Château à préciser (33 - France)
    Musiques du silence : Mompou, Satie, Debussy, Chopin...

    Musique en Valognais
    Concert à quatre mains
    avec Hervé Billaut 
    Rêves d'Espagne

    Concert 4 mains
    Prieure de Mayanne
    Dangeul (72 - France)
    Concert d'ouverture du festival
    avec Hervé Billaut
    Rêves d'Espagne

    Concert 4 mains
    Theatre de Chagny
    Theatre des Copiaus
    Chagny (71 - France)
    Concert à quatre mains
    avec Hervé Billaut 
    Rêves d'Espagne

    Concert 4 mains
    Centre Pompidou-Metz
    Metz (57- France)
    Clôture de l'exposition Suzanne Valadon

    Les Rendez-vous de Rochebonne
    Theizé en Beaujolais (69 - France)

    Pornic classic
    Pornic (44 - France)
    Concert à quatre mains
    avec Hervé Billaut

    Concert 4 mains
    Concerts de Midi de Rennes
    Auditorium Espace international
    Rennes (35 - France)
    à 4 mains avec Hervé Billaut
    (Propos d'avant-concert à 12h)
    Schubert, Brahms


    Concert 4 mains
    Amphithéâtre Axelrad, Faculté des Lettres
    Mont Saint-Aignan (76 - France)
    avec Antoine Pierlot, violoncelle
    Bruch, Stravinsky, Bloch, Ravel, Chostakovitch

  • "Guillaume Coppola is a real talent. His very Romantic finesse and sensitivity set him among the elite of today's young pianist"(Altamusica, January 2013). His ability to choose and follow his own path has charmed and fascinated audiences ever since his arrival on the music scene. His CD "Franz Liszt - a portrait" was acclaimed by the media: Diapason d'or (magazine Diapason, ffff (Télérama), Selection 2009 (Le Monde), Coup de coeur (Académie Charles Cros) etc. In 2011, the magazine Classica named him as the one of the 10 stars of tomorrow, and in 2011 BBC Music Magazine described his playing, in an "impressive recital, as scintillating, enigmatic and stunning"

    After that, everyone expected him to continue in the great Romantic repertoire, but he sprang a surprise with an album devoted to Granados, Danzas espanolas, which was again unanimously applauded."Maestro" from the magazine Pianiste, "Soleil" from Musikzen, high ratings in Diapason and Classica etc... In a portrait entitled "un piano de soleil", the critic for La Croix wrote: "Like a second film for a film maker or  a secon book for a writer, a second CD is particularly important in a musician's career. And this young pianist passes the test with flying colours! His second recording is overflowing with the same beneficial poetic clarity already noted in his first CD - a maserpiece - devoted to Franz Liszt."

    His talent has been heard in about twenty countries worldwide, from prestigious European venues such as Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Prague Rudolfinum, the Bratislava Philarmonic or the Liepaja international Piano Stars Festival, to South America and Asia (Shanghai and Xiamen) - not forgetting his native France, of course, where he has played at the Salle Pleyel ad the Opéra Garnier in Paris, and has taken part in many major festivals, including the Chopin Festival in Paris, Orangerie de Sceaux, Piano aux Jacobins, Radio France /Montpellier, Folle journée de Nantes, La Roque d'Anthéron, Solistes aux Serres d'Auteuil, Lille Pianos Festival, Festival de Nohant, and so on ...

    He gives recitals and concertos ( with the Orchestre National de Montpellier and Enrique Mazzola, the Orchestre Symphonique de saint-Etienne and Laurent Campellone, the Orchestre Philarmonique de Besançon etc ...) and chamber music enables him to share special moments with violonists (Régis Pasquier, Patrice Fontanarosa, his sister Cécile Coppola), quartets ( Parisii, Debussy, Voce, Alfama), pianists (Bruno Rigutto, Eric Le Sage, David Bismuth) and singers (Marc Mauillon, Laia Falcon, Bénédicte Tauran).

    Guillaume Coppola shows keen curiousity and impressive versatility. He has taken part in productions combining narrative and music, with the actors Marie-Christine Barrault, Didier Sandre and François Castang. He also works with composers and has given the world premières of works by Steven Stucky, Gao Ping and Isabel Pires. The latter dedicated her piano work Ombres in 2007.

    His training led him to Bruno Rigutto's class at the Paris Conservatoire (CNSM), then, after winning Premiers Prix for piano and chamber music, he followed numerous masterclasses in France and abroad. He was invited by the International Holland Music Sessions to take part in the New Masters on Tour concert series, and he has been awarded the Cultures France/French Government Declic Prize and first prize from the Lion's Club, the Fondation de France and the Cziffra Foudation.

  • 5 Diapasons
    5 étoiles Classica
    5 étoiles Pizzicato
    Coup de cœur Pianiste
    Soleil Musikzen
    Sélection L’OBS, La Croix, Valeurs actuelles, Cadences, On-Top Audio...

    Musiques du silence

    Mompou, Satie, Ravel, Debussy...
    Avril 2019
    Label Eloquentia
    Distribution Socadisc

    BRAHMS - Liebeslieder Walzer

    Disponible à la demande
    Janvier 2017
    Label Mirare
    Enregistré Live et commercialisé
    à La Folle Journée de Nantes
    Choeur National de Lettonie
    Hervé Billaut et Guillaume Coppola,
    piano à 4 mains

    5/5 Diapasons
    ffff Télérama

    Wiener Rhapsodie

    Quatre mains avec Hervé Billaut
    Octobre 2016
    Label Eloquentia

    BBC Music Magazine: ⁕⁕⁕⁕⁕
    Diapasons: 5/5
    Sélection Les Échos
    Classiquenews.com: Clic
    Pianobleu: Sélection Disque du moment
    La Voix du Nord: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    « Applaudi! » par Anaclase

    SCHUBERT "Valses nobles et sentimentales"

    Sortie le 23 septembre 2014
    Label Eloquentia
    Distribution Harmonia Mundi

    ffff Télérama
    5/5 Diapasons
    Sélection Les Échos
    Cadence: "Les Incontournables de 2013"
    Pianobleu.com: "Sélection de Noël"

    Poulenc/Eluard "Miroirs brûlants"

    Sortie le 22 octobre 2013
    Label Eloquentia
    Distribution Harmonia Mundi

    "Maestro" du magazine Pianiste
    5/5 Diapasons
    4/4 Etoiles Classica
    "Soleil" de Musikzen.com
    "Disque du moment" Pianobleu.com

    Granados, Danzas españolas
    (+ Allegro de Concierto)

    Label Eloquentia / Septembre 2012
    Distribution Harmonia Mundi

    ffff Télérama
    Diapason d'Or Découverte
    Coup de cœur de l'Académie Charles Cros
    Sélection Le Monde disques préférés 2009
    Sélection À Nous Paris
    Coup de cœur Europe 1
    Label Année Liszt 2011
    Pianobleu.com : disque du moment

    Listen via Media/Audio

    Franz Liszt - "Un portrait"
    Label Eloquentia / Octobre 2011
    Distribution Harmonia Mundi
    (Parution: Calliope / Septembre 2009)

    DVD "live" Sonates de Beethoven
    mai 2007


    CD Déclic : Culture France / Ministère des affaires étrangères
    avril 2007

    CD Découvertes ? Classica/Répertoire
    Décembre 2005 - Janvier 2006

    CD de démo


  • BBC Music Magazine, December 2014, *****
    Coppola reveals the limpid simplicity that lies at the heart of Schubert's dance music with a magical touch, bringing enchantment to every page.

    BBC Music Magazine, March 2012
    Coppola's impressive Liszt recital ranges from the scintillating Rossini-Liszt La Danza to the late, enigmatic Bagatelle sans tonalité, with a stunning Funerailles as high point. 

    Culturebox, 4 February 2013, Bertrand Fox
    Folle journée de Nantes
    His was the greatest merit : playing the Danzas espanolas of Granados at 9 in the morning, with a perfect blend of folklore and poetry.  

    Cadences, February 2013, Michel Le Naour
    Granados by Guillaume Coppola
    We can but admire in his playing the fine mixture of rhythms and colours, a melodic line in which poetic elegance and immediate charm (Andaluza) vie with the bitterness of duende (Melancolia).
    In these works, as in the rarely heard Allegro de concierto, his bright virtuosity is remarkable, in the tradition of the great Alicia de Larrocha. 

    Altamusica, January 23, 2013, Gérard Mannoni
    Guillaume Coppola, talent and reason
    Guillaume Coppola is a real talent. His very romantic finesse and sensitivity set him among the elite of today's young pianists. 

    Classica, December/January 2013, Stéphane Friédérich
    Classica: Disc of the month
    In playing the Danzas Espanolas together with the Allegro de concierto, Guillaume Coppola has not choosen the easy way out. He takes up the challenge of playing with free virtuosity and, at the same time, meticulous care. The melody needs no emphasis, it is revealed with delightful, astonishing simplicity that flows naturally and with a kind of eager imperativeness that  suits him perfectly. This is probably THE modern version of these pieces, on a par with the polished readings of Alicia de Larrocha, amongst others.

    Diapason, December 2012, Bertrand Boissard
    Diapason: new releases
    What charms in these pieces steeped in the atmosphere of Spain!  As a complement, Coppola presents a sparkling Allegro de concierto, a piece rarely heard in recitals nowadays, despite its flattering brio. He is particularly at ease in the nostalgia of Oriental and the light, heady playfulness of Melancolia. We admire the insidious misterioso of the eleventh piece, Zambra, a composition showing originality and wit in which he savours the countermelodies after having - quite rightly - played the beginning sonorously. 

    La Marseillaise, December 2012
    Coppola: Granados magnified
    Guillaume Coppola is a wonderful young pianist. (...) His Danzas espanolas are twelve gems, sensitive, sensual, elegant, and with a kind of Iberian "Sehnsucht" that Coppola expresses exquisitely, with deep inspiration and musicality. 

    La Croix, 10 December 2012, Emmanuelle Giuliani
    Piano as bright as sunshine
    Like a second film for a filmmaker or a second book for a writer, a second CD is particularly important in a musician's career. And this young pianist passes the test with flying colours! His second recording (Granados) is overflowing with the same beneficial poetic clarity already noticed in his first CD - a masterpiece - devoted to Franz Liszt. 

    Pianiste, November/December 2012 , Stéphane Friéderich
    Guillaume Coppola: the art of leading the dance
    To play with sharpness, while showing nonchalance: therein lies the challenge of the Danzas. Sometimes almost motionless (Oriental), they can also be picturesque and delightfully sentimental (Sardana). Not much pedal, just the right "bite", and even humour (Valenciana), and there you are! This is probably THE modern version of these pieces. 

    Concertclassic.com, 30 October 2012, Michel Le Naour
    Guillaume Coppola at L'Athénée: Finesse at his fingertips
    Guillaume Coppola's recital at L'Athénée Louis-Jouvet (Paris) confirms the talent of a young pianist who had already rallied everyone's support in 2011 with his first recording devoted to Franz Liszt (...) The Danzas espanolas of Granados, with their grace (Galante), strong rhythms (Andaluza, Bolero) and rich palette of sound (Oriental), take us deep into the Spanish soul. The ideally virtuosic Allegro de concierto was carried along by an impetus of complete freedom, with just the right tone, triggering well-deserved applause. 

    Musikzen, 23 October 2012, François Lafon
    Recital at L'Athénée-Louis Jouvet theater (Paris) : Guillaume Coppola, a personal career
    Coppola's playing is attractive, and more disturbing that it may seem: Debussy (five Preludes), cerebral and the same time colourfull; Chopin, serious and light (especially Polonaise op. 26 no.1, without the usual hysteria); Granados, pure and nostalgic, with a very elegant and perfectly natural Allegro de concierto, a daunting piece for all its pleasantness. A fine tone, artistic resources, and enraptured audience: a budding star ...

    Musikzen, 30 november 2012, Katchi Sinna
    Guitar on the piano: Guillaume Coppola dances the Spain of Granados
    On his second album the young pianist Guillaume Coppola confirms the technical skills and inspiration that he had shown in his Portrait of Liszt. One of the features of this fine recording is the pianist's effective use of resonance to bring out the choregraphic nature of the pieces.

    La Revue Générale (Belgium) 11/12 December 2012
    CD new release!
    Coppola's Granados is set to become a reference. Expressiveness, vigour and sensitivity are the requisites here, all of them qualities that Coppola possesses to the highest degree. He expresses all the dynamics with ease, brings out the beautiful sound to the full, uses just the right touch of drama and flexibility to create a perfect balance. Coppola's playing is so convincing that to compare him with Alicia de Larrocha would be superfluous. Coppola stands out as one of the finest pianist of our time. This CD is a must, for all lovers of great piano playing! 

    La Tribune-Le Progrès, 30 May 2012, MG
    Elegance and depth of the Danse Macabre (Liszt Totentanz, for piano and orchestra)
    The elegance and depth of Guillaume Coppola's playing gave the work all its density. The pianist brought all his talent to bear in this very difficult and most attractive score.

    Anaclase, 29 May 2012, Gérard Corneloup
    Last night of the festival - Orchestre symphonique de Saint-Etienne
    We had an opportunity to hear once more or discover a young musician gifted with extreme musicality and supreme ease, performing a great and daunting milestone in the concerted piano repertoire: Franz Liszt's famous Totentanz S.126 - more than a milestone: a race between the piano and "the rest", an exercise almost as physical as it is pianistic. In short, a contest from which Guillaume Coppola emerges victorious, and Liszt with him! In his playing, the artist creates a felicitous and constantly varying assemblage, with great flights of lyricism, emphatic sounds, shimmering halftones, shifting colours.

    Classica, February 2011
    On the front cover: "Piano: the 10 stars of tomorrow"
    "Changing of the guard. Ten major talents are already shining down from the lofty levels of their art. Classica is totally committed to these stars. Don't miss an opportunity to see one of these names should they be performing in your area".
    Guillaume Coppola: " With his unruly mop of hair, blue eyes, and mischievous smile, Guillaume Coppola's CD devoted to Liszt has been received to great acclaim. His passionate undertaking together with his moving cantabile leave us with a poignant portrait of this still to be fully explored composer whose many facets more than ever merit being highlighted. At 31, Guillaume Coppola is on the cusp of a glittering career. Rather than cutting corners, his performances are imbued with consideration. Qui va piano, va sano."

    RCF, Frédéric Archambeau
    “These superb versions of the chosen pieces, both virtuoso and intimate, stand up to the prestigious competition without shame. Guillaume Coppola should rapidly become a household name amongst amateurs of the piano.”

    Pianiste, Bertrand Boissard
    “The “6 Consolations” is never played, Coppola’s delicate interpretation repairs this injustice with joy.”

    L’Est Républicain, Philippe Sauter
    “One of the great piano hopes in France.”

    La Marseillaise, Jacques Freschel
    “Primordial Liszt”

    Le Monde, Pierre Gervasoni
    It’s unusual to feel that all of the multifaceted Liszt, can be found in a single programme. It’s the case here. A genuine portrait not only of Liszt but also of his century, depicted accurately and precisely in all registers by Guillaume Coppola.”

    Muzikzen.com, Pablo Galonce
    “Guillaume Coppola takes on the Lisztian monster with grace and aplomb, overcoming the difficulties and better yet, going beyond pure virtuosity to bring forth marvels. It is not such a common exploit to reveal a new Liszt.”

    A Nous Paris, Alain Cochard
    “Coppola finds the right tone with a splendid technique which is never self-satisfied. The performer’s marvelous poetic fire is never confused with mere effect.”

    Diapason, Alain Lompech
    “A young pianist whose artistic presence and unique sonority put him at the forefront.(…) He sings like a perfect belcanto, his sound, his sense of colour and of lines, are bursts of poetic brilliance.”

    Podcast Télérama.fr
    “When the young pianist Guillaume Coppola takes hold of Franz Liszt, he draws a deeply moving portrait.”

    Télérama, Gilles Macassar
    “Miraculous. Guillaume Coppola plays all of Liszt’s generosity.”

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